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uChip Simple VGA Console (uSVC)


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I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned here!






I pre ordered one watching the video...

Technical Specifications

        ATSAMD21E18 @ 48 MHz 256 kB of flash (232 kB available for the  game)
        32 kB of RAM

    MicroSD: Can store games and game data VGA output: 57 Hz vertical
    frequency, 30 kHz horizontal frequency Audio: 3.5 mm, 10 bit output
    jack Controllers: Uses standard USB controllers and keyboards Power
    Input: 5 V via USB cable, 100 mA (up to 80 mA observed) Dimensions (W
    x L x H): 48 x 86 x 17 mm (without 1 cm hex standoffs or solder joints)



This thing looks cool, very amiga'esk
It's open and mostly in plain C  thumbsup!

The repro: https://github.com/next-hack




Mike Garcia



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