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HSC18 Round 3: QIX 5200


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Some good scores coming in, I've had 292,351 (sorry tompateus!) but much more to come I think if I can keep focussed!


Still another week to go but the next poll will start in a while.


Latest table

QIX 5200

  1st   therealbountybob        292,351  12pts
  2nd   tompateus                  279,388  11pts
  3rd   Caco                          215,512  10pts
  4th   8BIT 1337                  170,801  9pts+1pt #
  5th   Deteacher                  163,744  9pts
  6th   McKong                     145,371  8pts
  7th   chevymad                  137,719  8pts
  8th   RedThunder                125,292  7pts
  9th   graywest                   109,117  7pts
 10th   8bitguy1                   105,912  6pts
 11th   doctorclu                   90,934  6pts
 12th   pusakat                     83,650  5pts
 13th   carlsson                    81,055  5pts
 14th   Sikor                         67,957  4pts
 15th   spookt                       56,686  4pts
 16th   mimo                         54,051  3pts
 17th   CaptainClassic             46,852  3pts
 18th   slx                            42,367  2pts
 19th   jblenkle                      39,350  2pts
 20th   Alicja (Caco Jr)            15,213  2pts


#Top NTSC player bonus point

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Latest table


QIX 5200

  1st   tompateus                     331,825  12pts
  2nd   therealbountybob        292,351  11pts
  3rd   Caco                         215,512  10pts
  4th   McKong                     186,073  9pts
  5th   Gury                         185,626  9pts
  6th   8bitguy1                   177,380  9pts +1pt
  7th   8BIT 1337                  170,801  8pts
  8th   Deteacher                  163,744  8pts
  9th   chevymad                   137,719  8pts
 10th   RedThunder                125,292  7pts
 11th   graywest                   109,117  7pts
 12th   thank you                  108,356  7pts
 13th   doctorclu                   90,934  6pts
 14th   Zylon                        89,173  6pts
 15th   pusakat                     83,650  6pts
 16th   carlsson                    81,055  5pts
 17th   jdh                           68,696  5pts
 18th   Sikor                        67,957  5pts
 19th   spookt                      56,686  4pts
 20th   mimo                        54,051  4pts
 21st   CaptainClassic            46,852  3pts
 22nd   slx                            42,367  3pts
 23rd   Liliana (Caco Jr)           42,305  2pts
 24th   jblenkle                      39,350  2pts
 25th   Alicja (Caco Jr)            29,662  2pts


#Top NTSC player bonus point


On 2/24/2021 at 7:22 PM, therealbountybob said:


Votes please EVERYONE!

Late scores still welcome for Rounds 1-3 for anyone who missed anything.


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