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Weird issue in a function


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I've been playing a bit with 7800basic and I'm stuck with a weird error.


I've a function to check collisions with a 8x8 tile map, but since I'm using 16pixels zones the collision it's a bit weird because the tiles are 8x16 but they represents 4x8 tiles. hit_tile_xxx are arrays of data with a bitmask to check if you have to collided with the tile.


I've a big wall on the left side of the screen, if I move the sprite there and then move it vertically I get the background color changing, and it's weird because I'm testing with temp1 that holds x position and I'm not moving on x axis.


temp & 8 and temp & 4 are used to test if I'm in the left/upper or right/lower part of the tile.


It looks like temp1 it's smashed with temp2 somewhere...


; parameters, x, y
function tile_collision
  tx = temp1 / 8
  ty = temp2 / 16
  tile = peekchar(screen1map, tx, ty, 20, 12)
  if tile = 0 then return 0
  tile = tile / 2. ; because of doublewide
  char1 = tile. ; debug 
  if temp2 & 8 then hit = hit_tile_high[tile] else hit = hit_tile_low[tile]. ; A
  if hit && (temp1 & 4) then BACKGRND = $5f : hit = hit_tile_right[tile] else BACKGRND = $1f : hit = hit_tile_left[tile]. ; B
  return hit


Captura de pantalla 2021-02-15 a las 22.33.16.png

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