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Kung Fu Combat 2- FINAL VERSION


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2 minutes ago, easmith said:

Thanks !

 that just requires color conversion right , no additional scanlines or changes to timing  if I remember correctly.....


kevin mosley might be able to so that if he is up for it ----I will ask .




That is correct.  PAL60 only requires color correction and no changes to timing.

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attached is PAL 60 version.


a few minor changes to previous release , such as delay added after last blow of each fight and a few minor graphical tweaks.


Went ahead and added the tweaks to the  NTSC version also. 


Also attaching pdf version of  manual for reference for those needing refresher. 




KFC052222_PAL60.bin KFC052222_NTSC.bin Kung Fu Combat.pdf

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On 3/6/2021 at 12:33 PM, easmith said:

Lots of progress.


Still have one stage to design and some polishing .  Hope to have updated ROM soon.


Here is title ,  map , and first stage  .  


Changes include strength meter instead of score for fights .   

Make your way through the world ( 5 stages ) to the enemy Dojo and rescue the Princess !









Awesome game !! Congrats !


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