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Alright! Ben Heckendorn at CGE


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Just read that Ben (the portable 2600 guy) will be at CGE this year:



Met him there two years and showed him the rough unit of my portable, almost half

the size of this.

It had rubber bands, loose wires, and wouldn't even turn on but

even so, you would not believe how wide his eyes got. It was really a

"deer caught in the headlights" moment.


Now it's all finished and I can really mess

with his head. Petty and childish? Yeah, but you need something

to keep you going when you spend 80+ hours in a lab (after work and weekends)

doing a project.


I'd also like to meet other AA people and will be in black jeans, gray King Lear tshirt, glasses

with brown hair and beard, so introduce yourself.

Anyone else going? Are the two Als going (as guests of course)?

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