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Missing gray objects


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Odd issue.  My O2 boots up to a gray background and all black background games play in gray.


If I play UFO, any gray colored UFOs are invisible.  If I jump pins 11 and 12 on IC4, I get normal black backgrounds, but light gray object like UFOs are still invisible.  All other colors seem fine.

I swapped out IC4 74LS00N with one I had on hand and it didn't make a difference.


Should I suspect anything other than the 8244 GPU at this point?  And if that is the cause, are they unobtainium?  I assume the 8245 is PAL (not that it would be any easier to find).


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Update for anyone that runs into a similar problem...


I picked up another Odyssey 2 at a local video game store for $34 and it works fine.  I removed the 8244 GPU from my old O2 and put it in the new working unit and the problem followed it.  Definitely a partially failed GPU.


Anyone have a working 8244 kicking around that they'd let go for a reasonable price?

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