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FujiNet + AtariWriter = No Bueno


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On 6/30/2022 at 9:36 AM, billyc said:


So, back to my question (!) -- I'm guessing this is just not possible, and I'll find a non-FujiNet way to solve this problem...


I've attached an ATR file which has AtariWriter.xex transferred to an ATARI DOS 2.0s floppy and renamed to AUTORUN.SYS.

Following assumes FujiNet hardware version 1.3 or greater. (1.0 may not support SIO daisy chain).

1. Copy the file AtariWrite.atr to the FujiNet SD card
2. Set the Device Select switches on the physical floppy drive to be device #2. such as https://archive.org/details/atari1050multilingualmanual/page/n6/mode/1up?view=theater

3. Boot into the FujiNet Config screen
4. Select the AtariWriter.atr image from the SD host into Drive Slot #1
5. Leave Drive Slot #2 unassigned
6. Boot using the OPTION key (remember to continue holding the OPTION key to disable BASIC if on a non-400/800)
7. At the ATARIWRITER menu, [L]oad a file from D2: (I could not find a way to index on D2:, so you'll need to note the AtariWriter document filenames beforehand).


I've tested using the Altirra/FujiNet-PC environment.
Hope this works for you.



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