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Struggling with playfield design


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Hello all,


I have a simple idea for a roguelike type game that I am trying to implement. I've been doing okay with various tutorials up until it comes to drawing playfields, I pretty much can't figure out how to do this correctly for the life of me. Basically just want to have a square room with 4 doors/openings on each side.


I am mostly programming in 6502 so any resources or tutorials you guys can point me to is appreciated.

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The easiest way to help is to see your code..  So you may want to post it.


Short of that..  Did you set CTRLPF to reflect? After that, you will be writing your data to registers PF0, PF1, and PF2 to draw the top and bottom of your design, and need only PF0 for the middle of it (though you could just repeatedly write 0s to the PF1 and PF2 registers there).  Are you aware of the fact that you have to put your PF0 and PF2 data in backwards? (For the left half of the screen)


This is all on page 39 of the programming guide if you need to read up on it.



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