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I'm giving away FREE Vectrex LED boards this week only!


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Hi friends! For this week only (Feb 22 - 26th), I'm giving away FREE Vectrex LED boards!

These are RGB selectable LED boards that are designed to be soldered onto the bottom of your Vectrex cartridge to light it up.  They work best with translucent cases of course ?

Check out a video of their operation here.


There's also free swag and a chance to win multiple prizes up to $500 cash!


? All of the details on how to get one are here: https://www.playvectrex.com/vectrexledfree


Please be patient with me if there is high demand... I will process your message and it WILL ship!





Every shipment also gets some random free vinyl stickers!




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4 hours ago, 128Kgames said:

FYI the confirmation email never comes...

It can take a little while, 5 or 10 minutes.  Maybe check your spam folder for good measure.  There is also a confirmation in the browser too that you could screenshot, if you saw that :D 

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I'm also adding this as an option:


Vectrex Cartridge Dumper adapters are now for sale, and the only way to currently get them is at a discount of $10 OFF! (i.e. $15 instead of $25)

This offer is good for today only. I have a limited supply as well and will update this post when they are all sold.


Please check out the details here on how to order one: www.playvectrex.com/vectrexfreestuff/


Don't know what this is?? See my youtube demo here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFcWr0XlpS0


NOTE: you can still get the Vectrex LED board for free if you wish or $10 OFF this Cart Dumper adapter board. If you're already getting the free LED board, and would like the dumper as well, please DM me for your options.


NOTE: When checking out with your purchase, you will be subject to a terms of purchase where you will be required to agree that you will only use this adapter for your own personal use and will not share binaries with others.

Please DM me if you have any questions.



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