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Atari 2600 hook up



image.thumb.jpg.64bf4992f3650d8cd17968b4efba31eb.jpgThis forum seems to be filled with people that have good knowledge and I might be posting a beat question but I’m looking for options. 

ultimately the main question is first but the second one is important as well. 

I’m trying to make a switchable gaming area with 1 tv where I can hook up 3-8 systems and switch them. They do include an Atari 2600, intellivision and coleco vision system. I think I have a hardware piece that allows rca ins and switchable up to 8 but where I lack the knowledge is converting the systems all to rca. What is the best method. 

one thing to consider. The Atari 2600 doesn’t have a plug in for the tv connection. Seems hard wired but on the other end is the typical Atari 2600 box that has rf. 

the converter I have is pictured here also. 

csn it be converted to hdmi? Best way beside getting a crv tv? 






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Well you either install a UAV or similar AV upgrade into the 2600, this will give you RCA and S-Video plus a much sharper picture.



The other route is a go-between like a VCR or similar converter box, there you put the coaxial or RF from the 2600 into the box and output to RCA from there. Not going to look great on a modern screen but it works.


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I see no reason why simply plugging in the RF outputs of each output to the video in if the video switchbox, then connecting an RCA to F-type adapter to the video output of the switchbox that goes into the RF input of the TV. None of the consoles you mentioned have hardwired switchboxes and all of them use RCA as their RF output jacks. 

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