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2020/2021 HSC Rd. 9 Ballblazer


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Ballblazer settings: 6 minute game, Human vs Droid 3. Round ends March 18th.


If 2 or more players manage a shutout (10-0,) whoever has the highest remaining time on the clock will get top points.

PLEASE NOTE Ballblazer will go to attract mode after a few seconds, so hit the pause button when you make your last point or be fast with your camera!


Bonus: Poker points

If you have time remaining on the clock, use the numbers to make a poker hand. Since the maximum is four digits, your fifth 'card' will be 'wild'

Example: the picture below has a 4, 2, 8, and 6. With the wild card, you could have a pair of eights. 

The top three poker hands will receive 1-3 bonus points




Ballblazer scores:

4:53.4 jeremiahjt

4:42.9 Dr Moocowz

4:05.4 toiletunes

4:02.5 RoadRunner

3:28.7 Rick Dangerous

3:20.5 BydoEmpire

1:52.5 jblenkle

1:10.0 NIKON


Poker bonus:

3- jeremiahjt, 4 of a kind

2- NIKON, full house

1- jblenkle, 3 fives


HSC points as of round 8:

77 - oyamafamily

64 - toiletunes

54 - roadrunner

52 - NIKON

48 - BydoEmpire

46 - Dr Moocowz
40 - jeremiahjt

29 - Namco Player

21 - Dauber

16 - Deteacher

13 - Rick Dangerous

13 - jblenkle

10 - Cousin Vinnie

9 - slx

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On 3/2/2021 at 6:30 PM, Dr Moocowz said:

10-0 - 4:42.9

Bonus: three of a kind (4's) w/ 9 2 kickers


My only "tip" on this one after legit playing it the first time is to never let the computer get the ball. If they get it, I never figured out how to take it away from it :)



I think you run into them and hit the button like you're firing the ball and if you hit them right you knock the ball away from them.

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I don't know when the last time I played Ballblazer was, but this was a great opportunity to bust out my brand-new 7800 arcade stick from @Bratwurst!  It's awesome, can't wait to try some other games.  First game, remembering how to play:




Oops, it took a while to figure out how to even get a human vs. droid match and I think this was vs. Droid 1.  Scratch this score, I'll play some more.  It seemed awfully easy!


[Edit]By the way, the bonus point system is really fun.  I like that.  Nice way to spice things up in the HSC.

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