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LEGO City Undercover - GTA V "brick edition"


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I remember when previews for this came out and I wondered if an open world LEGO game would be worth checking out? But I bit the bullet and gave it a try...and it instantly became one of my fav Wii U games around. The entire world the game exists in is absolutely amazing to look at and honestly it feels "as accomplished" as GTA V as far as open worlds go

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I like it a lot, but the disc itself has issues reading. I got one copy that looked like the case had melted a little, so I sent it back and bought a brand new copy from Meijer for the same price, but I still get "disc read error" on it every once in a while.

One time it had trouble loading the geometry, but didn't give me an error...I just fell through the ground and swam underneath for a while :D




It's weird, though, that they bill the 3DS game as a "prequel", yet the story in the WiiU game keeps alluding to the story from it, as if they expected us to finish it first. So I got tired of hearing "remember when this happened??" and I'm just going to play through the "prequel" first.


I like the game a lot, though. I always wanted something like GTA, but you're a cop (like if those True Crime games weren't so terrible). And I always wanted a LEGO game that's based on LEGO City.

Nailed it.

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On 3/2/2021 at 10:01 AM, zzip said:

It is one of my favorite Lego games.    But the story seems extremely long?    I put many hours into it and didn't come close to finishing

The story is definitely a bit too long. It's still funny and entertaining, but I would have preferred it to be a little shorter.

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