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AMAZING Tandy Sensation! sales video


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After months of refusing to see what Sensation!s were selling for these days (my childhood went out in the trash years ago, alas), I finally started poking around. And I found this amazing sales video:



I may still have CDs and maybe the manual around. I believe I remember that in addition to WinMate there was some kind of Microsoft Bob-like house metaphor gui overlay you could use, but I can’t seem to find any video of it. We switched it over to plain Windows after about three months of WinMate and never looked back.


Am I right in thinking that the original Sensation! was the last computer Tandy ever built? I think they were bought out and everything outsourced for the Sensation II and so on.

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Hey I just got my Sensation back up and running after all these years. For some reason I never had the heart to get rid of that first computer so when I tried to fire it up the power supply was not working and had to find a source to have it repaired since looking for a replacement I found out was a laugh! I finally found a great repair shop and replaced the cd drive it is alive and running windows 95. After looked for any of the original disks all I could find was the bookshelf disk. I'm just wondering if you found or still have any of the others that came with it? 


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