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Danish Atari 2600 manuals

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I love all these international manuals. :lust:
Atari has by far the most different. So far I know German, French, Spanish, English, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish and Japanese Atari manuals.
I would like to know, are there any more from the publisher Atari?
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Never thought I'd see so many Danish manuals -- that's incredible!


Polyvox manuals are in Portuguese, of course. I don't have any of those yet, but I can supply some Swedish manual scans once I get my scanner working again (or I get a new one). Can also scan one more Danish manual.


I think Finnish, Greek, and Arabic are the most likely other candidates, but I haven't turned up anything concrete for any of those yet.

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9 hours ago, Schitti said:

i think i've never seen a greek manuals from Atari?

Me either, but I did see this box for sale last year.




It was far, far too expensive to consider purchasing/importing, and unfortunately there were no photos of the contents. But it does make me wonder if Greek manuals might exist... :ponder:

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18 hours ago, alex_79 said:

I have two early Italian manuals (combat and basketball), with the "Melchioni" brand (The early italian distributor of the Atari VCS, from 1981 to 1983).

Here are the scans if anyone is interested:


Thanks a lot for this. :thumbsup:

We definitely need more Italian manuals in the database.

I'll add them them the days.

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they are now online




wow, i never thought that we could have a game with seven monolingual manuals.

English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian


someone else has a Atari Combat manual in another language?

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