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A bag.

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These were given out at a Consumer Electronics Show (probably 1981) to tie in with the "$1,000,000 Money Machine" contest being presented at the Magnavox booth. It's a small, white cloth (perhaps canvas) drawstring bag. It features a green drawing of a moneybag that says "$1,000,000" and "Money Machine" over the word ODYSSEY².



I wonder if RARE means it easily is worth $50 to a dedicated collector or if that still is hefty for a canvas bag?


I found the same on Etsy, about $23...



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I got curious if the press would write anything after CES, assuming this was January 1981.


What I found confused me a bit. Based on the timeline, the US Odyssey^2 was introduced at CES January 1979. Yet in this clip from February 1981, it says:


Magnavox demonstrated the "Odyssey", a hybrid of computer game and simple computer.


and that is it. While Magnavox most definitely could showcase a system that debuted two years earlier, it doesn't quite sound like what you would bring to a trade show, in particular if resellers already had begun to have discount bundle packs. Could it be some of the latest Odyssey^2 games they showcased but it didn't register with the magazine that was the news? I know it is said that InfoWorld often misunderstood things, miscredited people etc but as time markers I believe it should be useful even if you can't always trust the details they write about.


Sure the $1.000.000 contest (or whatever it was) could've taken place in the summer of 1981 or perhaps in 1982 etc. I don't know how closely in time this bag is pinpointed. It could be worth checking a few other magazines among those scanned, as CES was an event many wrote about (but of course could not cover everything).



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