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Rayman Legends - one of the best platformers in years


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I haven't played much of it, but it is a tight platformer. It's a shame it didn't stay a Wii U exclusive or came out first on that platform.


Like Super Mario Bros Wii, this is a game that kill relationships in multiplayer.  My kids are temporarily banned from playing it as yelling matches and crying typically occur.

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I just looked, I already own Rayman Origins on my Xbox 360, but it was for Cafeman Jr and I never actually played it.    Rayman Legends is on sale for PS4 in the store for $4.99 ! I'm going to buy Legends but play through both, Origins first. I loved the older Rayman games.  


In other news, I read that Rayman / BG&E creator Michel Ancel has retired from the video game industry!  

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