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EZ135 SCSI DRIVE 16 DISK and Audio Softs


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$20+$15 USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium box. 10 lbs. US shipping only.


Update: I'll throw in another EZ135 to go with your other Atari, Mac or PC with SCSI to transfer between machines for another $10 + shipping, allow another $10 shipping, the other box is packed full. Just let me know if you want it when replying. PayPal works best.


Realize this is fairly dated hardware, then who here doesn't own something dated.


During the quad annual Atari room clean out, selected 16 EZ 135 removable disk as items to go to the thrift store, leaving me with 8 disk and 3 EZ drives.


Thought about the "hardcore" stock 520 and 1040 ST users, decided first to make up a small "package" for offer.


If you are working with half MEG of RAM, TOS less than 1.04, this will make life easier in some ways. Using ICD Pro (and a SCSI host adapter of some flavor) you can use each disk as a 135 MB bootable drive, with 16 different installation on each. Takes all but a reboot (if used as a bootable drive) and 40 seconds later working in a different customized environment


Would be my use anyway if that was an only setup. So many ways now to use "modern' storage, this is the way it "use' to be done.


Included CD Recorder Pro, which uses floppy in drive protection. Think this is not the latest version, but it's manual is at least in English, purchased from System Solutions via Toad Computers.


Not familiar with Sound Lab, reading the docs noticed something about compatible with a few different ST sampler carts, Replay 16 was one. It's serialized software, don't know if it's copy protected.


SCSI Tool and HUSHI are both in German, ordered from ASH via their old BBS system. They may or may not be revelint today.


To use the EZ135 drive, an ASCI to SCSI adapter is required (or TT/Falcon), cables. The disk are currently partition as 135mb BGM. Maybe 2 have not been setup. Thought I'd check in, save someone a trip to the thrift store



Don't think I missed anything


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