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Local Hero II


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This should be the final update...Thanks!!




Hey, everyone! I just finished this game, though some bugs came up on Zero Page Homebrew when they played it. It should be ok now, but let me know if you encounter any bugs. Thanks! And, here's the instructions...


Local Hero II is a superhero RPG for Atari 2600. The goal is to build up your character, and finally defeat the big boss villain. In order to do this, you will need to attain level 10 in both your superhero and secret identity personas. Defeating criminals, finding clues, and raiding criminal hideouts will earn you experience as a superhero, whereas attending the university, showing up for your job, socializing with people, and shopping at the store will earn you experience as your secret identity.

Creating Your Character:

on the title screen, his reset. you will then be prompted to select your secret identity body type — masculine or feminine. move the joystick to the right to change options, then hit the button to select. You will then select your hero costume in the same way. Once this is done, you may select two super powers for your character. when you have finished, you will be brought to the city street view. More about that later.

The Powers:

There are 15 powers to choose from. Some are attack oriented, some defensive. Some function constantly, others need to be activated and last just a short time. Powers that need to be activated include PHASE, CLOAK, CLONE, and MORPH on the combat screen, and FLIGHT and MORPH on the street view. All activated powers are activated at once, so certain power combinations won’t work well together, or simply be redundant. For example, there is no advantage to using CLOAK and PHASE at the same time. All powers only function while in your superhero identity.

BLAST: Used on the combat screen, when at long range,  to make a ranged attack. This is done by pressing the joystick button. Blast could represent any of a multitude of projectile attacks used by various superheroes — flame blasts, lasers, firearms, lightning bolts, etc.

STRONG: The hero has super strength, or some other means of enhancing his hand-to-hand combat ability, such as weaponry, martial arts, etc. This power increases the amount of damage done to opponents when using a close range attack.

FLIGHT: The hero can fly through the air. This power is used on the street view only, and is activated by pressing the button and moving the joystick up. It is deactivated by pressing the button and moving the joystick down. While flying, the character can move over buildings, and the passage of time is slowed to represent faster movement, however criminals and clues on the ground can not be spotted from the air.

SENSE: The hero has enhanced senses of some kind, such as X-ray vision, super hearing, telepathy, or high tech sensing equipment, allowing him to detect things an ordinary person cannot. On the street view, nearby clues and criminals will be indicated by flashing dots on the map.

PHASE: The hero can become insubstantial, like a ghost, allowing him to move through solid objects. On the street view, the hero can move through buildings. On the combat screen, the power is activated by pressing the button and up on the joystick. Once activated, enemy attacks will pass right through you. It is deactivated after a brief time, or when you make an attack.

CLOAK: The character has the ability to obscure his location temporarily, either by becoming invisible, dropping smoke bombs, creating blinding flashes, or shrinking. This is activated in the same way as the CLOAK power. While activated, the enemies will cease firing their weapons.

SPEED: The hero can move at super speed or has enhanced agility and acrobatic skill. On the street view, time passes slower to represent faster movement. On the combat screen, the hero moves faster, and also has a chance to dodge attacks that would otherwise have hit him.

SNARE: This is an attack power, used much like the BLAST power, except when the opponent is hit, he will stop moving and attacking for a short time, allowing the hero to make close range attacks without worrying about being hit. Snare hits all opponents at once. This power could represent webs, paralysis, tangling vines, force bubbles, etc.

JINX: The hero has the ability to cause bad luck to his opponents, and works automatically in combat. The opponents will randomly either trip, and stop moving and attacking for a brief period, or their weapons will backfire, causing them injury.

CLONE: The hero can create duplicates of himself, and is activated by pressing the button while moving the joystick up. though the duplicates will last only a brief period, while they are there, they attack at the same time as the original hero. Only the original hero (the one on the left) can be hit and injured by attacks.

ARMOR: The hero wears an armored suit, a force field, or is naturally resistant to injury. This decreases the amount of damage dealt when the hero is hit by enemy attacks.

REWIND: On the street view, the hero can move back in time, setting the clock back a few hours, giving him more time to fight crime or deal with his secret identity’s life. This is activated by pressing the select switch.

BLOCK: The hero can block enemy attacks using some sort of shield. when the hero presses the button to attack, either at close or long range, a line will appear under him, which will stop enemy bullets. Holding the button will keep the shield raised, though the hero cannot move while doing this. 

MORPH: The hero has the ability to change his shape, taking on the form of various animals. On the street view, he may become a bird and fly over buildings. This is done in the same way as the FLIGHT power, though it will not slow down time. In combat, the hero may briefly become a gorilla, which increases his close-range damage and makes him more resistant to injury. This is activated by pressing the button and up on the joystick.

HEAL: The hero has the ability to heal from injury more quickly.

in both the street and inside views, you will have a statistic readout at the bottom left of the screen. You may scroll through the various stats by pressing the button and moving the joystick to the right. The stats are hearts for health, AM or PM with a number representing the time of day, SI for secret identity level, SH for superhero level, and magnifying glass for number of clues found. If your hearts reach zero, you are on the brink of unconsciousness, and can take only a few more hits. your hearts will eventually heal up, but sleeping will heal up your hearts to full (see below). The time of day tells you when you must be at certain locations in order to fulfill your secret identity’s obligations. at 6 am you must go to class at the university, and at 2 pm, you must go to your job. Missing work will cause you to lose SI experience. Staying awake for too many hours in a row will cause your hearts to sink to zero.

The Street View:
When the game starts, you’re in the street view. at the top, you see a 3-D representation of the city street. At the bottom, you see a map of the city. a green dot shows where you are on the map. Flashing dots may also appear to represent places you need to go such as the university, your job, criminal hideouts, and with the SENSE power, criminals and clues. To move around, push the joystick up to go forward, and left or right to turn. Some of the buildings have doors. You must be facing the door in order to see it. Each door has a symbol on it such as an H for home, U for university, J for job, S for store, and ? for criminal hideout. If you move into a door, you will enter the building, and be taken to the inside view or, if it’s a hideout, to the combat screen. there are also phone booths in which you can change into and out of your costume. To do this, press the button and move the joystick down. You may also hail a cab and be taken home immediately by pressing reset. your main goal in the street view is to track down clues and criminals. If you find either, press the button to pick it up or begin a battle. If you begin a battle with a criminal, you will be taken to the combat screen. Picking up clues adds to your total number of clues. when you get 10, a new hideout will be revealed on the map. once you clear out the hideout, your clues go back to zero, and you begin again.

The Inside View
When in the inside view you may perform various actions by holding down the button and pressing up on the joystick to scroll through your options. Different areas offer different options. The options are mask to change back and forth between your secret identity and superhero personas, Z to sleep (which will heal you fully, but takes 7 hours, shirt to change your secret identity’s outfit if you have purchased any at the store, smiley face to socialize with nearby people, check mark to check in at school or your job at the appropriate time of day, $ to purchase new outfits from the store to customize your secret identity’s appearance and earn some SI experience, and TV to watch television, which passes two hours and heals you slightly. Walking through the door at the top of the screen will take you back to the street view.

The Combat Screen:
When you initiate a battle with a street criminal or enter a hideout, you will enter the combat screen. Your hearts will be displayed to the left, but you cannot scroll through your other stats. At the bottom of the screen will be from one to 3 criminals in which to defeat. you may use your various powers to attack or defend yourself, or, if at close range, you can punch them. If you defeat all the criminals, you will return to the street view. If you are defeated, you will hear a buzzing sound, and you will return to the street view. Losing battles causes your SH experience to go down, potentially making your SH level decrease. There are several types of criminals to face. As you gain SH levels, new types of enemies will appear. if you enter a hideout with a level 10 in both SI and SH, you will face the final super-villain boss.




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