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RF Modulator issues

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I have searched these forums and have not come up with an answer. I am hoping someone here can answer this.

I bought a Bally Astrocade off ebay and it did not come with an RF modulator, so I could not hook it up to my TV. 
I went back to ebay and purchased the ASTEC - UM1291-1 - RF Modulator because it said it was a direct replacement for the Bally RF Modulator.

Problem here is that this replacement has no cable that goes out from the modulator to the TV. I can plug my Bally into the modulator but cannot connect that to the TV, so I am still out of luck.

Is there anyone who can tell me which cable I need to purchase to connect the modulator to the TV? It appears to have an 8-pin Micro JST connector.


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When you say the Bally didn't come with an RF modulator, do you mean a switchbox, as in a way to play nicely with your TV? Or do you mean internally within your Bally console, there's no AV component at all and it's missing from the board? If it's the former, and there's an RF cable coming out of your console already than all you need is an F-type RF adapter and then you'll be set to plug into your TV's coax/antenna port. Those old school switchboxes are unnecessary these days and produce a worse picture anyway. 

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