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Atari BBS on a PC


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Hi guys:


I have an Atari BBS set up, but it is running on a PC, I have named the BBS Christ Followers BBS, with a little bit of time I can set up the entire Atari section , as well as the Old Time Radio broadcast section. The BBS is ANSI based, and I will be working on a way of using Atascii on my BBS, I do have a BBS Screen creator online, that has possibilities, all you have to do is write the menus in ASCII with special characters, and the program does the rest. Theoretically to program could be rewritten in Atari Basic, I am getting my hands on an Atari 800 for a while (loaned by a friend) , I will work on a way of getting the BBS screen creator into either Basic XL or Basic XE, the program itself is too complicated for Atari Basic.


Expect to see lots of Atari Basic programs being written when I get the Atari 800 on loan, also I have 120 disks from The KWEST Public Domain library that I will get online. Russ


PS: The BBS address to call is https://christfollowersbbs.ca

or telnet christfollowersbbs.ca


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