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I was trying to code a 4 frame animation: I need to plot a small 9x9 square of tiles on the screen taken from different positions in a large ROM area ad change the place from the data come at each frame

I was doing this 


    for i=0 to 3
        SCREEN VARPTR #room0_0(i*9*9),0,0,9,9,9

BUT it seems that SCREEN does not support VARPTR....


Oscar can we add this feature if it is missing ?


Is there a workaround I cannot see?

Maybe playing on the origin_offset....



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Hi, @artrag,


Looking at the source of the compiler, I see that SCREEN does not accept anything other than a "name" (label or variable symbol) as its first argument, so VARPTR is not allowed.


Notwithstanding, the documentation has this to say:


  SCREEN label[,origin_offset,target_offset,cols,rows]
  SCREEN label[,origin_offset,target_offset,cols,rows,origin_width]




  Label can be also a 16-bits array for dynamically-drawn elements.


        DIM #cards(4)

        SCREEN #cards,0,0,4,1


So it means that if you are using a 16-bit array, you shouldn't need the VARPTR at all.  Have you tried the following:

    for i=0 to 3
        SCREEN #room0_0(i*9*9),0,0,9,9,9


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