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High-pitched whine in 32x games


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I haven't had this problem myself, but I think I read about this recently while working on an unrelated problem with my 32X. Let me gather a few links...

Console5 claims that problems in the regulation circuit can cause a whining noise in the inductor coil. Replacing the inductor coil might fix it if the flaw is with the coil itself, but there are multiple things that could cause a perfectly-functional coil to whine, so it isn't a guaranteed fix. I found this (long and interesting) thread where a number of people smarter than myself failed to fix the problem: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?t=58183 

Looking around a bit more, it seems like this issue can sometimes be caused by capacitors failing to smooth out enough of the ripple before it hits the inductor (source) so that might be the issue. About a year ago, Kevtris suggested that some 32X video issues are also caused by the same power ripple, and discovered that you can solve it by swapping out a few capacitors for higher-value ones (source)... so I'd start with a capacitor replacement, and make sure to use the higher values that Kevtris suggested.

If you'd like to get a pre-made kit with the right caps, Console5 sells one here.

Sorry for rambling a bit, it's late here. But I hope that helps!

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