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My other 7800 Basic Demos


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While I was working on my vertical engine, I also decided to make some other demos out of boredom. The first is a horizontal shooting demo, and the second a platformer. The .78b files are included in their respective .zip files.

Horizontal Shooter 12-27-2020.zip Horizontal_Shooting_demo.78b.a78 Horizontal_Shooting_demo.78b.bin Horizontal_Shooting_demo.78b.list.txt Platformer Demo 3-18-2021.zip platformer_demo_v01.78b.a78 platformer_demo_v01.78b.bin platformer_demo_v01.78b.list.txt

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So, I decided to study the firing routines from the Space Physics demo from the bundled examples, and here's the results. As always, if you find something I overlooked, let me know.

Horizontal Shooter 6-24-2021.zip Horizontal_Shooting_demo.78b.a78 Horizontal_Shooting_demo.78b.bin Horizontal_Shooting_demo.78b.list.txt

Update: I released that the frameCounter variable was ill-suited for what I wanted, so I added in some more variables. Now back to having the shooting work properly.

HS 6-24-2021upd.zip

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Bug problem.
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   alphadata level1 platformer_test_tiles_ramchar extrawide


For each of your alphadata maps, add the extrawide keyword at the end of the line.  That'll force the plotmap function to turn on doublewide when plotting it, even if you have it turned off for the main program.

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