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annoying online gamers


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I play a lot of NBA 2k21 on my Xbox One S. It's utterly annoying to start a game with 10 different players (each playing a different player/position), and usually after 3 minutes half the players quit. Usually it's a 6-0 score or something, and 2 or 3 players on the 0 scoring team drop out. The game is in its infancy. It can go either way at 6 vs 0 points, but definitely after losing most of its human players the 0 scoring team is doomed so then after a little more time, there's 1 person left on the team.


I wish the gaming servers would categorize these early quitters and put them all together on the same teams against each other. Then a group with people who stick it out the entire game, and then a middle group for those who sometimes quit.


Also, the ball hogs are ridiculous. I usually play as the center/power forward, and I work hard to get open under the basket, and nothing. Maybe 1 out of 10 teammates will pass me the ball. They usually fart around on the outside, get the ball stolen, or miss the 3 pointer. Luckily we players who care about rebounding are there to grab the missed shots.


Rant over. Feel free to chime in with what pisses you off about online gamers.

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I can only play online co-op games, and those I generally play with friends, not strangers, though I recall some amazing moments in The Division in terms of online "comradery"; people that would help you out getting you to the next upgrade or share some valuable items. Talked to some strangers that were passionate about some of the weapons that you could win as a reward.

This feeling quickly evaporated when going into that Dark Zone though.. hackers and overpowered players trying to ruin all the fun. Initially I thought it was exciting to wander around that place, it felt quite suspenseful, but once you had to go to some extraction point to get your items out, it quickly became apparent how broken that PvP environment was.


I think that was my last real online experience.. after that I've only played online co-op with friends.

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I love multiplayer games, but imo online has simply destroyed multiplayer.


Bad players, both those that simply suck at a game (which I don't hold against them, we all start somewhere ? ) aand players that do things like quit.


All those people who cuss like second graders (I know all the words, but not proper usage) dude, it's a game.


Cheaters, both the lag switch types, and those that buy special controllers or software to, well, cheat.


So...I might play with friends, but that severely limits options since that knocks multiplayer down to "call of duty" it IS a much better experience, don't get me wrong, but my flavor in games is far broader than call of duty.


The most sad thing is, it would be extremely easy for game companies to fix most of this. Have chat preferences to avoid tho foul mouth poor sports. Don't accept modded games with unmoded games, which would take care of cheating, for those that don't (and remove the desire for those that do) poll people's connections, so people with good connections get out with people with good connections, which would also bump lag switchers.  Penalties for quiters, like limit how quickly they can connect to a new game, which would cure a lot of early quitters. as often as online games get updated, it's a shame little to nothing is done to fix the problems they all have.

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On 3/20/2021 at 5:21 AM, jd_1138 said:

I wish the gaming servers would categorize these early quitters and put them all together on the same teams against each other. Then a group with people who stick it out the entire game, and then a middle group for those who sometimes quit.

Yes, the quitters could be forced to join existing games with quitters, or new games if there are no available spots. And stickers could start new games with stickers.

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More online idiocy: last night it was me and 1 dude left on our team. I ended up with an A+ rating (18 points, 22 rebounds, 5 blocks, 5 assists) and my teammate had an A+ rating (more points than me, but way less everything else). We ended up winning against the other team by 4 points even though they had 4 humans left on their team.


Instead of saying "good game", he sent me 4 messages saying how much I suck. :) Granted I did have 5 turnovers (he had 3), but I was playing as 7'3" Boban Marjanovich of the Dallas Mavericks. Dude's like a black hole for rebounding as he grabs many boards, but he's kinda slow and ungainly. 


The anonymous people on console online gaming are largely soulless, humorless trolls. 

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this happened to me with Battle Grounds III (A free MP game on steam)


Some dude offered to pay me to say the N word, i refused and he played this clip of this woman asking for somebody to explode all over her. it was disgusting. Informed the discord server, they're looking into it. 


Numerous, NUMEROUS little fucking kids on COD.

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