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24 minutes ago, x=usr(1536) said:

No, I was mistaken.  It's still appearing in diskulator_select.c (line 363):

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// Handle if the selection is a TNFS host

else if (context->filename[0]=='+')


// set the current host context and replace host_slot 8 with the

// selected TNFS host.

strcpy(context->host, context->filename+1);

strcpy(context->hostSlots.host[7], context->host);

context->host_slot = 7;


// update directory to point root and clear the filename

strcpy(context->directory, "/");


// mount the selected host



if (fuji_sio_error())








So...  Not sure what's up.

No, this is the old version of the software. We moved to fujinet-config-adam, and this feature is not there.



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On 4/28/2023 at 8:18 AM, tschak909 said:

Not yet. It will be reimplemented, though.




Hi @tschak909


Just saw this. That was a pretty simple change made on the config side, if no one has done it yet I'm happy to do another PR with the changes applied to the new config code. 


I also have a firmware-side change that implements the gopher-like menu functionality that I had originally talked about in a thread here. It is a small change, backwards compatible with the existing config applications, but can be activated with a small change on the config side. I'll try and find a few minutes to throw up a video of how it works to gauge interest.

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