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Wolfenstein 3D - Enemies always facing you?

Atari Nut

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On 3/30/2021 at 11:15 AM, Rick Dangerous said:

I would have to test; as i haven't played it in a while. 


The PS3/Xbox 360 versions are based on the DOS versions of the game, so they don't have maps and i imagine the enemy characteristics are similar. 

Post back if you test it.  I'll probably buy it if you can stealth attack the enemies but I'll pass if they're always facing you...like the Jaguar version.

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Good to know! It's worth the couple of bucks regardless, though it's also available on Xbox and can he played on xbox360 through current get so that edition may be a better value since the PS3 one can't be played on PS4 without a subscription.  Though if you just have a PS3 it really doesn't matter. I bought it on both but prefer the Jaguar/3DO/Mac versions because of the maps. 

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