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I have recently begun playing the RPG Another Eden. I am playing the Android version, but I understand that it is also available through Steam. The Android version is free to play. There are some advertisements, but they are optional (watching them gives small bonuses); likewise there are apparently in-app purchases (to unlock extra characters?), but I have just ignored those with no impact on the gameplay.


I utterly love this game! There is an incredible depth to the gameplay, with an engaging main plot and many, MANY side-quests and optional areas. The complexity slowly ramps up; as chapters are finished, new gameplay mechanics become available. Optional (and free!) new content is being released every few months. The graphics are just amazing. 


It is not too difficult, and there is no perma-death. I have not yet been stuck on a puzzle, though I did solve one entirely by accident. ? There is a wiki in development, but (as far as I can tell), no detailed walkthrough exists in English.  


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