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By the way, for those who want to play Dark Half: Beware that when playing as the bad guy, all the monsters you recruit are all computer controlled. Would have been nice to have the option to shut the enemy auto fight off. I would like to mention that Game Freak pitched Bushi Seiryuuden to Enix, but they moved on to the PS1, Saturn, and N64.

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Illusion of Gaia was one of my favorites from back then. I need to fire it up again soon and give it another playthrough. I remember thoroughly enjoying Actraiser as well, but have only completed it once. I'd like to try Soul Blazer and Terranigma eventually.

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The only good thing about Robotrek is the unusually high quality town music that might take up a 3rd of the games memory which may explain why the rest of the music is unbearable and there's a lot of reusing.


7th Saga was Enix right? It had a good presentation and novelty from the first hour and then things fall apart.


Then there was Paladins Quest which was a different disaster but I dont recall if that was Enix.

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Illusion of Gaia is one of my favorites on the system! It features some huge sprites and crazy good music. Replaying it today, the game’s weaknesses seem far more obvious: there is 0 exploration (hell you can’t even backtrack if you wanted to) and some plot elements seem weak/forced just to get the game moving. But getting through the game

is still a blast.


Soul Blazer lets the player re-visit all locations even if there isn’t much point. Super good game and it doesn’t overstay its welcome.


Act Raiser 1/2 have been discussed at length and I share Tanooki’s opinion on both.


Robotrek is fun but I can never stay committed to it. Maybe one day.


This thread now makes me want to try Brainlord. Never played it.


Has anyone mentioned The 7th Saga? Too cryptic and primitive for my tastes that’s for sure. 

and And AND OGRE BATTLE GUYS!!! 100% absolute must play!

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You know I feel a need to put something here I've only researched, years ago, yet never found locally to me so I never bought it online for some odd reason and forgot about it until now.

Nihon Falcom did it, may know them for YS right?




Adventure/RPG style game like Soul Blazer and Ys, their usual more lean style of audio/visual work of the era with anime flavors to the art when that pops up.  Solid game, not too terribly long either if you know what to do as  you can find long plays under a few hours or so.  This was a hot little game back in the day, in Japan at least, as it came out on multiple of their PC formats and PC Engine.  Luckily it converted well to SNES and somehow got super extra lucky a single regional release to english for the US.  It had a successful sequel too but SFC only, yet it's 100% english translated so there's rom patches and everdrives/emulators to cure that.  I strongly suggest it as much as I could fairly do having observed another play it at least, I should just eat crow and buy the damn game before I forget again about it.


Keep in mind one quirk that'll make watching below confusing, you unlike in Zelda, Soul Blazer, etc CAN at any time pivot the camera 90degrees so the visuals will shuffle and seem like some emulation glitch or whatever, it's normal.



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SNES Enix games from best to worst:


Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Star Ocean
Illusion of Gaia
Dark Half
Wonder Project J
Soul Blazer
Mystic Ark
Hameln no Violin Hiki
Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun
Dragon Quest I & II
Brain Lord
BS Dragon Quest
Jyutei Senki
Nekketsu Tairiku
Mahoujin GuruGuru 2
Mahoujin GuruGuru
Itadaki Street 2
ActRaiser 2
Joushou Mahjong Tenpai

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Xygor Gaming on Star Ocean:

As said before, I prefer the original game over the PSP remake for the following reasons:

-Its painterly pixel work and continuous field.

-The music.

-The fact that all the characters speak when the last enemy is beaten, and the treasure chest that appears in its place.

-Items actually popping out when you open a chest.

-Fear Mell's boomerang knives.

-The battle with Asmodeus.

-The fact that you can return to Roak in the past after you defeat the final boss.

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SNES stuff I own from Enix:


Actraiser 2

Violinist of Hameln


I am one of those who prefer the action bits of the Actraiser games, and not so much the sim bits, it's why I prefer Actraiser 2 over the original, though the game does have a Professional Mode that is the action stages only if you beat the game once in the western release, but is supposedly available right away in the Japanese version. Lots of folks don't agree with my assessment of the games, and sometimes they wonder why I prfer the sequel over the original. Both have that Yuzo Koshiro quality, after all, the man was called back for the remake of the first game recently.



Violinist was one I thought a bit quirky, and after trying it out in emulation years ago, decided I wanted a real copy to play on a console.

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Happy to see Jutei Senki get some love in here, I had a lot of fun with that game back in the day!
Terranigma is a stone-cold classic, right up at the tippy-top of a pretty stacked library. A real shame it didn't get an NA release and a few more dollars/yen thrown into the translation. Even so, if you can play through that game and get through the ending without a lump in your throat, I don't think you're human. I wonder if Square Enix would ever consider giving it the HD2D treatment. Normally I wouldn't dare dream, but who saw Live-A-Live's HD2D remake coming?

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