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Finally got my NES up and running. I never did find the power cord, but I found a 3rd party one I got long ago (SJ Commanding Player. I'm a "Big Boy." the box told me that, lol). Now that I have a NES again, where can I buy some homebrews and what are your recommendations on some I should get? I only have one: Tailgate Party, since it uses the power pad.

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On 4/5/2021 at 7:32 PM, Pixelboy said:

Not sure the AtariAge forums are the best place to discuss NES homebrews, as it's more geared towards pre-NES systems (Atari 2600, ColecoVision, etc.) so I would recommend checking out YouTube videos like this one:



That's a shame, too. So many of the great games from the pre-NES systems make an appearance on the NES as well. Even if they're not everyone's favorites, there's no denying that it sits alongside its predecessors (and competitors: I mean, the Famicom was released in 1983 after all) as part of a larger generation of video games.


Now, I wouldn't want to it to overtake discussion of the earlier consoles, but it would be cool for more NES fans/homebrewers to populate this little nook of the forum. Hopefully more people who know a thing or two about NES homebrews stop by.


For what it's worth, Micro Mages seems to be all the rage, though I wish Morphcat would finish Super Bat Puncher!

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