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Ugh, time to purge


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Finally taking the time to prepare to purge extra accumulation. ?  I’ll be listing some stuff in the future as I catalog and test.   You never realize how bad it is till you start digging through boxes.   25 years of accumulation.  Here’s part of it. ?




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16 minutes ago, Ikrananka said:

I may be interested in some of the boxed ColecoVision games.  Let me know when you've got a list.

I’ll refer back to this thread once I’m ready and be in touch with folks that were interested.  Basically there’s a bit of something from pong and channel F up to Vectrex and Sega Master.  A few NES items but that’s as new as I go. A lot of common, but some fairly rare items.  

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8 hours ago, Atari_Bill said:

That’s ok, but it may take me quite some time to get back to you.  Not sure how long it will take to work through everything.  

Not a problem, take your time, life is long and collecting Intellivision is endless!?

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57 minutes ago, Keops said:

Do you have Atari ST stuff in there? :)

I do, but I haven’t decided if that will go.  I found a complete 520ST setup, Atari monitor, manuals and some games at a thrift long ago for almost nothing.    I’m likely to hang onto that for now.  

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