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New websites for your old computers


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I stumbled on a great video just released from Action Retro. In his video titled 'I rebuilt the entire internet...for vintage computers', he describes how he created two websites 68k.news and Frogfind which both pare web pages down to simple hypertext with separate picture download links. At the end of the video, he uses an Apple IIe and Contiki to view these websites.

I was skeptical at first, until I used my ancient PowerBook 520c to the internet and it worked! I could actually view many websites, including these forums with the old Mac. I was blown away at how well these two sites worked. it's great!!! 

You can even use these websites with modern computers. No need to build a pi-hole to block advertising - these two websites do it all!

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Cool! This was basically the same idea I had about 8 years ago for making the web useable with the GUI @flashjazzcat and I were working on. The only difference was that I planned to tailor the processed HTML to a format more specific to the 8-bit Ataris -- and more specifically the hi-res black & white graphics mode. Makes for a pretty good proof of concept...


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I’ve been thinking about this for a while. (Since I saw these on Reddit). You can do it with lynx through a shell account but a native 8 bit browser would be ideal. I started reading about Contiki and the Dragon cart and wondering if Contiki could be adapted for Fujinet, but I start to get out of my depth on the backend stuff. So more reading and maybe some experimenting is required. Would it be easier to adapt Contiki or build something from scratch?

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try DOS CP 437 with your ICE T XE, you can adjust the mode and other stuff if you need to and get it rolling more than likely

of course providing most of our character set and control data might help him make ATASCII and the other supported Atari terminal types... etc

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