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Remaking total recall for NES

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Ok, so i never played the other versions of it but I recently saw the film and have had it in mind to remake the game eventually. By eventually I mean when I have the skill required to learn the NES hardware (I.E not anytime soon). For now, my mind is set on the 6502 processor itself, but i'm Still learning BASIC. I've set a goal and I intend to pursue it when I am ready. 


I am in no way ready right now, this post is for guidance reasons. I have no intention of doing this right away.


So...without further ado:



I don't have any programming experience outside of BASIC and some hex but I believe that I can Fix Interplay's monumental screw up. 


Now, i obviously would require the help of others But there is discord and facebook for that.




The original release is a TRAINWRECK! Bad hit detection, the alley fights, the graphics could use touching up etc. I'm not confident enough in my abilities to reliably rewrite the code from scratch BUT I can do QA reliably well. I enjoy working in groups that coordinate well and with the miracle of Zoom, we can work well together.


For privacy reasons, i don't want to show my face or home


Somebody else could rewrite the code but as for me, I see only one option.


Could it work? This is a long term goal, i'm not going to do anything until I know the hardware inside and out.


Are there any PDF's of the NES hardware available? Tools? Thanks in advance

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How would you program for the NES using BASIC? I'm not familiar with that option on the NES.

I know you can do ASM, C and Nesmaker. Not too fond of the latter. If you know C use that, otherwise I recommend assembly.

bbbradsmith has made an excellent working example, here: https://github.com/bbbradsmith/NES-ca65-example


I have expanded upon it with some routines I wrote and using graphics from my game. It's certainly not the best example for how to code, but I've made it portable so you can just download it and compile. Then you can edit code/graphics and recompile and hopefully learn faster about how to code/make graphics for the NES: https://nesrocks.com/blog/nes-homebrew-source-code/


I have also used code I collected from nesdev, and some things I learned looking at nesdoug's blog for coding an NES game in C which were still very useful. https://nesdoug.com/


All in all you're gonna have to read a lot from nesdev.com as mentioned. It's a lot of fun though, highly recommended :)

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