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Binjax 2


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@Nop90 I'm guessing this title will have the old memory card initialisation code in there which is hanging the Lynx on the V2 cart.


I don't like messing with actively selling software as I always do my upmost to support creators and anyone contributing to the retro scene, but I could fix the issue.

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Yes, Biniax2 has the old code that hangs on the new cart (can be considered a kind of copy protection ?). I already fixed it for my personal use, but the rom for the moment is not intended to be freely released.


When I started this project my idea was to leave Carl publish the game on cart and release both rom and sources to the community. Then Carl asked me to not do it because puzzle games don't sell too much and he needs time to return on the investment.


There isn't a formal agreement betwen Carl and me about this, but I respect his work and for the moment the rom image will not be shared.


I kindly ask the community to do the same and not share digital copies of the game. There are many other games of mine released for free.


If there are other games of mine not yet fixed let me know, and I'll do it.



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