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Neo Geo Pocket Color Collection Volume 1 physical release - preorder April 22


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I am glad I held out on buying the downloadable set of these, because here comes a physical release distributed by Limited Run Games:





I think there is an international release from PlayAsia too.


The game list:


SNK Gals' Fighters

Samurai Shodown! 2

King of Fighters R-2

The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny

Fatal Fury First Contact

SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium

Metal Slug 1st Mission

Metal Slug 2nd Mission

Dark Arms

Big Tournament Golf / Neo Turf Masters


I have never played any NGP/C games so I am looking forward to this. On the other hand, there is a reason I never did...

Sometimes I wonder who buys the limited editions of some of these. I only buy ones with soundtracks I really want. I wish they would do more game + soundtrack bundles.

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19 hours ago, Rick Dangerous said:

Now only if they would do a few volumes of all the ACA Neo Geo Hamster games!

If the Arcade Archives were $2.99 or $3.99, I would own dozens of them. As it is, I can’t justify $8 for any except my favorites, especially since some of the ones I did buy early on were dogs that left me feeling burned.

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I dunno, I have a bunch of them wishlisted and I have never seen an email about them going on sale. Usually Nintendo is really good about letting me know that wishlisted games are on sale.


I can imagine: about $200-$400. But a Joust cabinet would set me back at least that and I am used to paying much less for that one :)

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ACA games are on sale sometimes, but not very often indeed. But I'm 100% sure I got Atomic Robo Kid and more recently Puzzle Bobble on sale. I also remember they had a sale for the first reissued NeoGeo games, maybe two years after they were released, but none of them was interesting to me unfortunately. So I'm still waiting... I have so many games to play anyway I prefer to wait for a sale to buy the ones on my wishlist (30 games currently, a third being ACA games I think).


Now maybe it was just for Europe, but that would be weird.

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I've got like a half dozen ACA games, none of them are SNK though.  I do like the idea of it, but the Switch to me is a limited period use system because it will end up replaced in time, then it's just stuck there.  Primarily though, what's on there, most of it that I do care about, I have already for real on a cartridge.  The ACA is solid, just not for me except for strange old arcade games I just can't play otherwise like some of those old Nintendo arcade cabs of the 80s and ooooh Super Dodgeball, couldn't buy that one fast enough.


I'm still on the fence with this, may do it as it's cheap, but I have every single cart on my NGPC, which still needs a backlight.

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Also if anyone is reading, might want to upgrade to the larger package for another  $40.


There is a large 160+page book included, Jeremy Parish did this one and it's in the style of his Nintendo 'WORKS' books.  Lots of info on every game, side bards with more info and where applies ties back to the games MVS counterparts, history, and more.  Those books alone typically sell in that hardback 40-50 range if I remember right, so it's worth it, and it will ONLY be available that way so if you want it, it's now, or pay a scalper.

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