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Season 19 Round 1 - Batman


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I never was too good at this one.  While it's a fun game, my par is usually the second boss.

Batman - The Video Game (USA)-0.png


EDIT: Palamedes score



I never understood this game until I read the manual.  Rather clever concept if I say so myself.

Palamedes (USA)-0.png

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Bad Dudes – 691,200


Spent a bit of time with Bad Dudes lately, arcade version and this one.   I kind of always had a soft spot for this game, mostly because it let me smack people with nunchucks, which seemed to be a really cool novelty as a kid.   I loved martial arts stuff, and wanted (still do) to be a ninja when I grow up, so this one appealed to me enough to love it despite its problem areas.






Also, to reminisce about the journey --


Here's the time I noticed that some kind soul was nice enough to let me know the way to the bad guy.  And I also noticed they seem to have a pigeon problem, if that floor is any indication.  eww....






And here's the time that Big Bad and I were duking it out on a helicopter (hovering only a few feet above ground, of course, because we wanted to look cool, but heights are scary) and someone yelled "ok kids, nap time!"





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What a strong turnout for the starting round.  It's nice to see some new names, a lot of returning players and some folks we haven't seen in a while.  


Points Awarded:

bubufubu       328,500   +25
Razzie.P       264,600   +20
mbd39          244,200   +17
Wrathness      194,000   +14
asponge         81,900   +12
S.BAZ           79,900   +10
RuySan          62,100    +8
Lauren Tyler    56,200    +7
empsolo         44,500    +6
fakecortex      40,500    +5
jblenkle        27,500    +4
roadrunner      21,500    +3
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