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Want to get an Odyssey/Videopac; what model to get?


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I have been thinking of getting an Odyssey 2 for a long time and recently have decided to take the plunge. I have been doing some research but I wanted to ask folks who know more about the system which variant I should get. I would like a model with removable controllers. I can't decide if I would rather have the Videopac 7400 or the voice module. I understand that it is one or the other as the 7400 doesn't work with the voice.


I have seen lists of Odyssey 2/Videopac games from multicarts and they only list a handful of games as not being compatible on both systems. Do both NTSC Odyssey 2 and PAL Videopac 7000/7400 run the same carts? I know they look different and assumedly the games would run at slightly different speeds but from what I have read it sounds like they are (with a few exceptions) compatible.


The reason I am unsure of whether to get an Odyssey 2 or a Videopac is that I would like to be able to play Power Lords which I think was an Odyssey 2 exclusive as well as Nightmare and Super Cobra which I understand only were released for Videopac. Do I need to have one of each system to play these games or would either one play all three?


Another question I had was if anyone connects their Odyssey 2 to a TV or monitor by HDMI or VGA using an RF demodulator, and if so what is a good demodulator to get? My current monitor has low input lag and response times so I can deal with a little lag on the conversion of the RF signal but I would like to get something as fast as possible. The other solution I have been considering is using an RF demodulator with composite out and running it into a retrotink line doubler then on to hdmi. Anyone have any idea if that kind of setup may have less lag? I have limited space for a monitor in my current set up and so I really can't just pick up an old CRT.

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Power lords, Nightmare, and Super Cobra play on either the Odyssey 2 or Videopac G7000.  I don't think the G7000 has a power switch and you have to unplug it when done, and you are right that the voice will not fit the stock console.


The G7400 can run the base games and it will run the ones that have + graphics.  Often the game is the same as a non + game but there are extra background graphics to enhance game play.  Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe the 7400 fits the voice module or has the voice built in.

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How much money do you have? Stock videopacs/odyssey2 is very cheap and can be as low as $20-50, but the 7400 can do the extra graphics. Some of the later videopac games can only be played effectively on a 7400, so that might be a bonus too (some can be played just fine on a 7000/odyssey2, while others is missing bits needed to understand what's going on in the screen). With an adapter superbee mentioned, it's definitely the top option to go for. 


Regarding RF conversion, some models if you look might already be modded for composite for slightly more cost. I've made the jump to composite and it's nice enough. 


Regarding demodulation, there is not a lot of options, a cheaper adaptor from China is probably your best and cheapest bet. If anyone has any more expensive alternatives, I'd be interested to know how good it is myself. 

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Ended up getting a g7400 Videopac +. I am really enjoying it so far. Have to say my favorite games right now are probably Power Lords, Demon Attack, Atlantis, Killer Bees, Norseman, and Super Bee in no particular order. I ended up hooking it up to a regular old PAL antenna hook up on an LG led/lcd 1080p TV. The picture is pretty good. In the future I may look into composite modding it and running it into a retrotink but I am happy for now.


Thanks to everyone who posted info in this thread it really helped!

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