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Headset, Random network pieces


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I've got a spare headset that still works, but I have no use for it.


It's in great condition despite me being the second owner of it. I figured someone would be interested.


It's clean and still works just fine. 


Hit me up!




Also got a bit of an oddity... Short version is I bought network pieces when I built my home to have an in-home wired network. These are remaining pieces.


This includes 7 wall plates (2 - 1 ports, 5 - 2 ports, and 1 - 3 port), 5 wall mounting inserts, 2 punch-down jack ports, and a 30 ft long piece of cat6 cable. I have extra cable and happy to throw in another piece of cable as well. 


Also have a 24 port ethernet switch (100Mb / 10Mb). It's nothing special, but it does work. 


I'll work around on shipping for any interested parties of these items!




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2 hours ago, DragonGrafx-16 said:

Those PCs would make nice modern gaming rigs with those specs and a good GPU. Of course they would need half-height GPUs.

I actually have 1 or 2 half-height GPUs (relatively older ones) that I could throw in these PCs. It's definitely a thought.

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12 hours ago, Dopy25 said:

It's crazy how those towers are still active. I'm sooooo close to going for the Linux box for my daughter. That would be a huge upgrade for her and much faster than her school laptop. I'm debating. 

I'm willing to work with you on the cost of shipping. I know it's gonna easily be $35-40, but I'm willing to cover part of the cost if this helps get it to someone who can/will genuinely use the box. 

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