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13 hours ago, therealbountybob said:

Thanks carlsson, yes NTSC players just use the regular Pole Position from Atari or Datasoft.


The score adjustments were only end of race, it would be too much complexity to work out per lap, will study your report in more detail later :thumbsup:

Oops. Yeah I did play the NTSC version on that atr image but I'll go back to my Atari dunno

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1 Lap

Malibu 52.68 25900 

Namco 59.88 22750

Atari 56.88 24300



Malibu 54.00 27500

Namco 52.35 24350

Atari 61.00 24100



Malibu 61.68 26150

Namco 52.79 27900

Atari 58.23 24900



2 lap

Malibu 32450

Namco 31950

Atari 38150



Malibu 37600

Namco 36000

Atari 36000



8 lap




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Well that was a bit better.  I might keep trying to finish the PRO Challenge but I figured at worst I can log a score in everything now.  On NTSC



Malibu Grand Prix: 27750 & 58"67

Namco Speedway: 27000 & 62"31

Atari Grand Prix: 24600 & 61"49


Malibu Grand Prix: 38300 & 116”21

Namco Speedway: 36750 & 116”72

Atari Grand Prix: 33600 & 125”86


Atari Grand Prix: 54750  (DNF, lap 4)

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8 LAP Pro Challenge

Atari GP: 105400 pts, Total time 466"75 (Qual 29 sec => pos 1, 4 crashes)



Finally I made it, completed the 8 lap challenge with 11 seconds on the timer to go. I strongly doubt I could do better, at least not on the Marius PAL version.


It is interesting that despite I had a total that was 13 seconds faster (of which 6 seconds on the last lap) than RedThunder and started from pole position, my score is 3000+ pts lower than his. Sure, his passing bonus might have been higher, even fewer crashes or some lap times extremely fast (in case you get in-game bonus for that) but it makes the two scores interesting to compare w.r.t. any extra bonuses.

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I just noticed the post that NTSC players are now playing the original, so I'm throwing out my old scores and posting new ones:


1-lap scores:


Malibu:  27,950

Namco:  27,900

Atari GP:  28050

Total:  83,900


Working on the others now.

GP 1 27950.png

Namco 1 27900.png

Atari 1 28050.png

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Marius Ver on PAL

1 Laps

M 27,750 (52"88)

N 27,150 (56"10)

A 24,250 (54"00) blew a tyre ?



2 Laps

 M 38,650 (105"23)

N 39,450 (103"33)

A 36,000 (103"23) pressre got me and qualified in a lowly 7th place!



8 Lapper

107,700 (456"86) finished it! Had a close call on the early laps with occasional crashes, then put in a blinder possibly lap 4 or 5 and had the 211MPH Max speed increased which lasted until I crased. Perhaps this is a feature of number of overtakes/time without a crash, any thoughts anyone?

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