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Titan Overdrive 2


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For those who remember the Titan Overdrive demo, Oerg866 and company have made a follow-up:

This can be downloaded at [url=http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=69648]Pouet.net[/url] if you want to run this on a real Genesis/Mega Drive. I am also throwing in the original Overdrive demo here in case anyone missed it.

We should not only thank Oerg866, but perhaps convince him and the rest of the Titan team to make an actual game.

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This was actually done quite sometime back. I've only got one Genesis my collection that is able to play the demo for Overdrive 2 properly. My main va2 model 1 one with a region switch, still stays in 60hz even when in European mode? As a result, I have to use my va6 model 1 with a region switch to play this as it properly drops down to 50hz when switched to Euro region.


There was talk for a bit of having Titan actually put this on actual carts and release it but it never came to pass to the best of my knowledge.


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Yes, this only works on PAL systems, so if you have a Genesis or Japanese MD, it won't work properly. You can force it to run, but in my experience, it ends up with massive graphical corruption very close to the start and then ends up crashing shortly after that. Fortunately, it works perfectly on the Mega Sg at 50Hz, but make sure your Mega Sg settings have the borders displayed or you won't see how that one scene works.


I should also mention that there is a version of the original Overdrive that works properly on all regions, including NTSC systems, so make sure you get the correct ROM, as I think the original ROM is available and PAL-only. PAL seems to be the primary region for the region-free ROM, so if you have your ROM cart's region fix enabled and put it in an NTSC system, it will not run properly, so be sure to disable the region fix thing in that case.

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