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Dedicated Console Easter Eggs?


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I scored a Telstar Marksman system this week (CIB and apparently barely used!) and found several interesting glitches and quirks. This got me wondering about "easter eggs" or glitches in dedicated consoles. So far I know of:


Telstar Marksman:


- Shoot The Score: After a shooting game is over, the final score that bounces around the screen can be shot! Doing so will register a "hit" and the score will reappear at the top center of the screen as during normal gameplay, but no point is recorded. (This glitch doesn't work with the paddleball games.)

- Easy Points: During "score intermissions" in the gun games, shoot the orange shot counter number for easy points! But be careful, because misses count, too!

- 15 Birds With One Stone: By switching games in progress, points scored in paddleball games carry over into the shooting games as shots fired and hits made, making it possible to end the game with more hits than shots. To achieve the best "impossible" score, run up a paddleball score of 0-14 for the right player, then quickly switch to a gun game and make your first (and only) shot to end the game with a score of 1-15--that is, 15 hits out of 1 shot! (And a hit ratio of 1500%!)

- Low Score Wins: Occasionally when powering the system on, Tennis will immediately begin "in progress" with 16 points for the left player. Since the games end when a player reaches 15 points, it's possible for the right player to win the game with a losing score! (The left player's score rolls back to 10 after 19.)


AY-3-8500 systems


- Hidden game: Moving the game selector switch between Hockey and Squash reveals an undocumented game, unofficially called Handicap. This is a variant of Hockey that gives the right player a third paddle.




IIRC some of the analog Odyssey systems allowed for internally adjusting and customizing the size and dimensions of the paddles (or athlete figures for Odyssey 500), ball, and center line but I'll have to check on this.


Anybody know of any other glitches, easter eggs, or secrets hiding out in dedicated consoles?

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