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Harmony Encore menu navigation not working properly


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Hey Everyone, I purchased a Harmony Encore cart a few months back and finally had a chance to give it a spin. The Harmony menu comes up and displays games fine, but it doesn't register the joystick movements/button presses correctly. The joystick and console have both been serviced and work great with other games. On the Harmony though, it keeps toggling between the credit screen whenever I press up, and I have to hold diagonal down-left to move up - that sort of thing. I was able to get a game to load by rotating the joystick a bunch and button mashing - the joystick worked great in the game once it loaded. Also, I tried a Sega controller/paddle to test the menu, and it doesn't work at all. These are otherwise in good working condition.

So yeah, a cursory search doesn't bring back any sort of result, and like I said, this cart was purchased months ago. What should I do? I assume these carts are tested when they ship?

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