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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 15__ROUND 1


(Round Over Monday 5/31/2021) ROUND COMPLETE






Breakout 2000

-Start a game of Breakout 2000 with default cartridge settings.  Record and post your high-score here!

If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: 


Jaguar HSC Season 15 Rules Regs and Scoring - Jaguar High Score Club - AtariAge Forums


Breakout 2000 SCORES:


1. masematte                      63,577  +10

2. Hyper_Eye                       57,470  +8

3. Cobra Kai                        43,830   +6

4. doctor_shred                    20,156  +4

5. Machine                           14,475  +2

6. jgkspsx                            12,165  +1

7. Darrin9999                       12,120  +1         

8. Rick Dangerous                 11,538   +1

9. doctorclu                            9,379   +1

10. Iwantgames:)                    7,622   +1

11. jblenkle                             2,689   +1            

12. roadrunner                        2,414    +1




The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:


1. masematte                      10

2. Hyper_Eye                        8

3. Cobra Kai                          6

4. doctor_shred                     4

5. Machine                            2

6. jgkspsx                             1

7. Darrin9999                        1         

8. Rick Dangerous                  1

9. doctorclu                           1

10. Iwantgames:)                  1

11. jblenkle                           1            

12. roadrunner                      1


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5,681 If you get lucky enough for that ship to shoot out a bunch of bonus pellets instead of laser blasts you can rack up points pretty quick. That being said my score probably doesn’t count as I don’t have a copy of the game just a ROM on my skunk. Now I’ve played it tho I’m actually headed to songbird to see if he still has it in stock :) fun game 


Edit: I’ve ordered a copy! Probably won’t arrive before this round ends tho


Edited by Iwantgames:)
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I probably won't post pics unless I get a real score. I forgot this game doesn't give you much of a chance to take a picture at Game Over, unless you crack the high score board, which I haven't managed since 2012 on this game. I'll figure something out. 

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Man, I've lost my touch, but a bit better today: 15,792

I figured I'll snap a picture on my last ball instead of Game Over, unless I crack my Ball Busters board, which the minimum is over +65,000 IIRC. I'm not erasing my all time high scores from this cartridge.


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Got in an attempt at lunch. (This is a legitimate cart, I guess I didn’t play it as much as I thought…)





(my CRT is going into the shop)


EDIT: I played for a bit this evening. I'm doing noticeably better. The secret to high scores I've found so far is getting the "power up" that undoes all your hard work and puts all the bricks back in place. For some reason this really rakes in the points.


I could go fish my manual out of the attic, but does anybody have a quick rundown of the powerups to share? I find it almost impossible to tell what the powerups are, so I just try to grab everything.

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A bit of info about the power ups here


The robots mentioned above look great, but their effect on your experience isn’t necessarily positive.
There are three types of robot that always have an equal chance of popping up.

The worst of the three robots does nothing but show up and fire “stingers” at your paddle. If it connects, you now have a hole in your paddle. After three holes, your paddle is dead and you lose a life.

The second robot throws a mix of good and bad power-ups, and the third fires out only the good stuff.

breakout 2000 review 



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I have not taken notice that the two droids that drop power-ups have any difference to the type of power-up they drop. Both will randomly drop between 0-3 power-ups, good or bad.


All three droids will never perform more than 3 of their assigned action. So, with the shooting droid, once it's fired a 3rd shot, you can safely move about without worry of another attack. Another thing, the power-up droids will never drop power-ups without the ball in play. Now, the trick here is they will drop power-ups if you are holding the ball with Catch, since the ball is technically in play, just not moving about.


The strategy to score high points is in truth a little bit of RNG with this game. The Catch power-up is the real scoring machine, and with it, allows you to pursue falling power-ups in complete safety. Every power-up is worth 1,000 points, therefore, you really want to collect every single power-up, good or bad, that comes toward you. The only real bad ones are the Attract and Oppose, and if you grab either of these you will probably lose the ball in short order.


Also, the paddle will heal all damage after the first bonus stage, but not the second. I believe it alternates. A damaged paddle will make your geometry a bit unpredictable, as well as make the Catch power-up not work.

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