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C.A.V.E. Apocalypse (WIP) new batari Basic game


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I have searched the internet for some explosion animations. But I couldn't find anything that would suit my purposes.


I am looking for some explosion animations for the Helicopter (multicolored sprite double wide):



and the enemies (single color sprite single wide):

Tank.png.0d00cb629bf90766a9002ebaf3e7f40a.png   Air-Missiles.png.705a7d7c9267fb8f2156849e9a80b304.png


Wide and color(s) might be changed during the explosion.


If anyone would like to try his hand at this, I would be very happy.

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Very interesting Youtube video about explosion animation in games:


as far as I understand the video we need:

  • an initial fiery flash
  • spiky projections
  • flying debris
  • a crescent cloud of smoke
  • evaporating balls of fire after an expanding cloud of fire

this should be easy with 8px and one color per line.


I used piskelapp to create the first version of an explosion:






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New binary in first post and PlusStore with:

  • new explosion sound for enemies and helicopter.
  • explosion animations for enemies and helicopter


          80 bytes of ROM space left in bank 1

      1020 bytes of ROM space left in bank 2

      3793 bytes of ROM space left in bank 3

        636 bytes of ROM space left in bank 4


I wonder if anyone recognizes which 2600 game the new explosion sound is from.


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  • 1 year later...

I am thinking about developing this game further. There are a few thinks i would like to change and add.

  • Increase the playfield resolution (The resolution of 32x3 was a reminiscence to H.E.R.O but it is limiting the level design severely)
  • Changing the scoring to add the scores of the levels and not start every level with 3 lives (Maybe a new HSC id is necessary).
  • Improvement of helicopter control
  • new enemies/obstacles
  • Title screen music
  • In game music
  • bug fixes

Ideas and support (especially with the music stuff and level design) is most welcome.


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