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Harmony Firmare Change not working


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I recently got my Harmony Card. Now I put some games on it and wanted to try it out. Unfortunately it didn't work, because my TV only supports PAL 50. So I need to change the firmware of the card. I installed all drivers and installed the program I needed but my PC can't find the card. It only appears as a "USB" in the Device Manager with a yellow mark. In the programm i only see "Harmony Card not found".
I tested it also with several other USB Cables, but it didn't work. I also tested it on an old Windows XP PC and a MacBook, but both didn't work neither.
I really don't know what I can do now, because I need to change the firmware, otherwise I can't use the Harmony Card.


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9 minutes ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

This is a common problem. The problem is usually the USB cable, which doesn't support data transfer. 

Ok, than I only have USB cables that doesn't support data transfer ?
Is there one that is proof working?

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