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SRGB adapter feels naked and easy to misinstall

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I recently tested out the srgb for the turbo graphics 16 versus the hyperkin HDMI adapter.


I think my card has a tendency to not plug in straight by missing a few plugs.


I generally like the srgb better because it's brighter and because on a CRT monitor has no ping.


The hyperkin looked way darker and added an extra frame of ping.


I couldn't tell if the colors are off or not.


I understand it was a naked PCB so that it could fit any NEC / Hudson console.


I only got in a turbo graphics when I found one in the 00s at a yard sale.  I assume you could ship separately a shell to go around the PCB and it would fit if one knew what type they had.


I assume there are only two types of connectors one for the early American turbo grafx 16s, and the other for later American era and all Japanese TG 16s, which was called the PC engine in Japan.


If these srgb boards are print on demand then why can't there be separate shells that go with it.


I would do it myself if I both had and knew how to use a 3D printer.  But since neither reply to me I was wondering if a place has premade shells for these srgb's.


PS I know mine is an American type because the hyperkin model worked (as much as it did work)  without an adapter.


Also could someone review my video to make sure that the colors weren't off.


The Devil's Crush title screen had a more orange and red feel look like it had no blue and the text was in yellow print.  Is that an indicator of me missing the blue pin?  Video here :

Ooh this video misembedded.  

Go to Twitch.tv/tripletopper and look up a video from 2 or 3 days ago about an hour long, a minute into it.  And later compare for the Hyperkin adapter comparison.  


PS the editor wouldn't let me erase the embedding, and did a simple copy link and paste in text format and it embedded automatically. I wasn't trying to imbed.

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