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(Atari 2600) Space Invaders, Moon Patrol and Donkey Kong graphic hacks


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A few graphic hacks I've done that improve on existing 2600 game graphics: Space Invaders, Moon Patrol and Donkey Kong.


Space Invaders - there's not much that hasn't been done to this already. Still wanted to make my version.


Moon Patrol - the buggy was my main focus as it's the most ugly of the vehicles/spaceships. Enemies have been updated along with the rocks.


Donkey Kong - wanted something a little nicer than the existing ape (let me know if I succeeded). Cleaned up Mario and fireballs.
















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42 minutes ago, RamrodHare said:

Any chance you could post some pictures? I don't have my Atari hooked up at the moment, so I'd like to see the graphics before I go out of my way to connect everything and load them onto my harmony cart.

Yes. Just added some screenshots from an emulator. Have played them on a Retron77 and they look/play great.

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3 hours ago, RamrodHare said:

I like the look of the pics! I downloaded all 3 and they will be going on my harmony cart tonight!  I look forward to any other hacks you make!

Thank you! I hope they improve your enjoyment of the existing games.

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