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Any Atari style controllers using USB, for emulators?


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retrolinc make an atari /usb joystick thats (almost perfect) unfortuantly the stem that they supply is brittle and mine soon broke, fortunatly i had an old original with broken wire, so.... on stem swap i have a perfect old feeling atari usb joystick!


i know you dont generally buy somthing thats probably gonna break, but if you got an atari joy-stem laying around this should be considered.


my one works flawlessly now.....


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I went ahead and bit the bullet too.   I honestly was ready to hate it; and at first I did.     Not because it was a "bad" device; but when using it, being the approx shape of a CX-40 forced my muscle memory to treat it as such.


It's NOT a CX-40.  The throw is different etc.    I was failing by the numbers.   Once I forced myself to adapt and treat it like it's own thing, it started coming together.


I did have to fill the reservoir where the stick screws in with a dab of superglue so the stick wouldn't come unscrewed.   It took a little breaking in, as the UP direction seemed flakey at first.   Overall though, I'm thrilled.  I'm probably going to order at least one more.    Now if I can get Atari800 (emulator) to treat the buttons separately without AntiMicroX, I'll be a really happy camper.



Just have to add, for when I'm feeling a little more arcade spirit, nothing beats my ASP (with sanwa stick/buttons added) ?  Love that thing


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This joystick adapter is configurable from PC application to work on a variety of emulators:




I also like this dual joystick adapter (store is currently closed due to COVID):



Archive of product page:





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