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Rob 'n' Banks: Weekly Development Log

Ryan Witmer

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I've been banging away at the two-player mode, since it's the only functional bit of work remaining.  As of this morning, it mostly works.  Here's Banks getting his share of robn' done.




I've also made some progress on the performance issues that cause the cop flickering on real hardware.  There's still more work to be done, but it's better now.


Once two-player mode is functional, everything else is just fun stuff, and I've got some cool ideas planned.  I'm not going to give them away just yet, though.  I've got a ton of space left on the cartridge, and I plan to use quite a bit of it.

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2 hours ago, BIGHMW said:

It's been since June 9th, and still no word from @Ryan Witmer as far as when this instant classic will be ready for the next beta upload for us to try out, I wonder if anything has happened to him along the way, because so far it's been a week and nothing.

Please be patient.  We are fortunate to have Ryan making games for the 5200 community and like most of the devs on these forums, he has a day job, etc.?

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8 hours ago, Leonard Smith said:

The guy is probably busy with work and family.
Most of these programmers do this stuff on the side, so sometimes life and work gets in the way.

The main job pays the bills and most of us work 40+ hours per week.




agreed plus the 9th was only a week ago and as I type this its only the 17th

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