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Big Mutha Truckers

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It's unusual that they took the buy-low/sell-high, free-roaming, vehicle upgrading, gameplay that might appeal to a fan of Elite, and marketed it with an incest joke.  Not a lot of fan crossover between their gameplay and theming, I'd expect. I also mostly played the gba one--not bad at all, and done by the team that did wing commander prophecy on the system (which was amazing considering the limitations).  A shame they never cobbled the two ideas together into a space trader.


I think that if bmt was skinned with literally any other theme, it would have done better.  Hello Kitty Rig Warz sounds awesome


I like 'Shine Runner' as well.  It kind of goes for a similar theme, with free-roaming trading, but with a dash of hydro-thunder in the mix. Also it's not marketed in the same way. I'm not a big mobile phone guy, so it's one of my few purchases from the windows store.  No idea why it's not on steam, most of vector unit's other games are like two of the riptide games.

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I had this game -- and the sequel -- and while I really like this genre, I found the theme so off-putting that I never played either title. I am fairly certain that they went to Goodwill when I last purged my PS 2 game collection.  

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