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Just picked up my first 360

Ross PK

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I decided to get one because I want to play the first Saints Row and Beautiful Katamari. It cost me £39.99, and I picked up 3 games for it too.


I didn't get the original 360 as it's meant to be the least reliable, plus I much prefer how the 360 S and 360 E look. I got the S since the E was in worse cosmetic condition, plus the E was £5 or £10 more.


There were two S's next to each other, the front of the one that I picked up looked more like a very dark grey than the other S which just looked black. I don't know if it was just the lighting or not.







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You made the right choice in my opinion: the S is the slickest version of the 360, and has all the bells and whistles. Mine is still hooked up and gets used for all the 360 games that aren't backwards-compatible with the series X.


The 360 remains my second-favourite console of all time, right behind the 5200.



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I decided to open it up just now to see whats going on, the rattling was a blob of solder, I looked around and couldn't see anything that it could've come off, so I'm thinking maybe someone made a repair once and the blob of solder was just excess solder.


If that blob of solder had ended up moving into a particular place and making a bridge for a couple of components, the power brick could've been toast, plus maybe it could've harmed the 360 too.


Anyway, I've took out that blob, put the brick back together, plugged it into my 360 and it seems to work fine.


I'll give the console a proper test tonight by playing some games on it for a couple of hours or more. I'm looking forwards to playing some Sonic Unleashed. :)


So my 360 is the matte version. I'm guessing the 360 that was next to it in the shop which looked like a darker black, wasn't because of lighting or my imagination, and was probably the glossy version which does look more black.

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Forgot to give an update.


So the 360 seems to be working perfectly. It has more of a high tech feel to it compared to my PS3. Been playing some Sonic Unleashed on it and it's awesome!


It took me ages trying to get the controller to work, I had no idea there was a sync button on it.




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